Depop Bots in 2021 - What You NEED to Know Before You Try One

Growing a Depop shop and managing a vintage clothing reselling business can get overwhelming, especially if you are managing hundreds (or sometimes thousands) of items in your inventory.

Sometimes, we don’t even know how to split our time between sourcing our inventory, posting them online, promoting our posts, packing and shipping and dealing with customers, and not to mention, managing our personal lives.

As time goes by, technological solutions are becoming introduced to the market to address the growing needs of online sellers.

Personally, I’m expecting to see a lot more products and services geared towards online sellers in the years to come as the online reselling community in the US and around the world is growing really fast.

As of the time being, one of those technological solutions currently available in the market is called a sellers’ bot and it’s created to help online sellers save time and money by automating some of the tasks. And there are bots that are designed for each selling platform.

If you are an online seller on Depop then you’re in luck as there are various Depop bots available now in the market.


What is a Depop Bot and How Does it Work?

A Depop Bot is a software that helps a seller automate some of their tasks in running their Depop shop such as (but not limited to):

  • Follow or Unfollow Users
  • Refresh Listing on Depop Automatically
  • Create Scheduled Refresh
  • Send Messages to Depop Customers
  • Relist or Delete a Listing
  • Like or Unlike Listings

And more!

Depop bot is a code that works with the Depop API. To simply explain it, it automates the Depop tasks that you need to do on the website/app.

For example, if you need to refresh a listing, you need to click/tap the refresh button multiple times, depending on how many items you want to refresh. By using a Depop bot, you only need to press the button once and the bot will refresh all of your listings.

Of course, every bot has its own settings to ensure it doesn’t spam the Depop server.

What are the Different Kinds of Depop Bots?

As of the time of writing, there are two known types of Depop bots. The first one is a browser extension (usually Chrome) and the other one is a desktop application.

Chrome Extension Depop Bots

This is one of the most widely used Depop bots in the market mainly because of its convenience. Since it’s an extension app on your Chrome browser, you can practically multi-task while it’s running in the background.

Another advantage of using a browser extension Depop bot is that it doesn’t ask for your username and password since it’s running on the browser.

And also, since it’s available on Chrome as a browser extension, it has been somewhat reviewed by Google thus minimizing the risks for the users.

The main disadvantage though is, as of the time of writing, Depop bots are only available on Chrome, but hopefully, they become available to more browsers soon.

Bump Depop Bot

Desktop Application Depop Bots

Although this is more common than the browser extension depot bots, a lot of online sellers including myself are quite hesitant in downloading and running applications on our laptops mainly because of the possibility of acquiring viruses or malware. It’s just a personal preference.

If you will prefer using desktop applications depot bots instead of browser extensions, be sure to check the software carefully by reading users’ reviews available online.

Why Should You Consider Using a Depop Bot?

There are so many reasons why you should consider giving it a try and I’ll be outlining here some of the reasons why.

Free Trial

A lot of the available Depop bots in the market offer free trials for a certain period of time and this is a great way to test which one suits you best.

Although most of them offer similar functionalities, they, of course, differ when it comes to intuitiveness and ease of use.

This is a great opportunity for you to try out which one suits you best.

Depop Bot Free Trial Comparison

Efficient and Effective Time Saver

As a business owner, you are well-aware of the fact that time is your most valuable resource and also, it’s the most limited resource at the same time. We only have 24 hours in a day and we try our best to maximize our waking hours in order to generate our target results.

Depop bots could help you save valuable time so you can use them for other more productive and important business-related tasks.


Most Depop bots are very affordable with prices hovering from $9 and up. If you are scaling your business up, then this might be a sound decision instead of hiring a Virtual Assistant or a Temp Worker to do your repetitive Depop tasks for you.

Growth Booster

I’ve been selling online for so many years and I believe that the profit greatly depends on buying the right product at the right price for the right customers. Thus, I’d like to spend most of my time sourcing my inventory. I consider this process as the most important part of my business.

However, even though it’s the most important, I often find myself spending more time listing my merchandise and promoting them online.

Thankfully, there are bots that could help automate some of the tasks related to online selling.

Risks in Using Depop Bots That You Should Know

Perhaps you are wondering if Depop bots will get their account suspended or worst, banned on Depop.

The straight answer is NO if you use it accordingly and YES if you’re going to use it to spam people.

Using Depop bots is not specifically mentioned in Depop’s Terms of Service, however, be aware that Depop is against spamming.


Before You Get a Depop Bot

Before you download a depot bot desktop application or a browser extension, think about these first:

Size of Depop Inventory

If your inventory is small, probably less than 10 -40 items and you are mainly selling your personal items seasonally, then you don’t need a Depop bot. Although, it would help if you get a free version to help speed-up your sales.

Consider Your Monthly Overhead Costs

If you are not earning much yet, then paying for a Depop bot on a monthly basis might just add up to your growing monthly business expenditures.

I highly suggest that you draft your business financial plan first and list down all of your business-related expenses and from then, identify if you could afford to pay for a Depop bot on a monthly basis.

In the meantime, I suggest that you use the free trials available in the market until you generate a huge following on Depop.

Be Clear with Your Business Goals

If you intend to grow your online selling business then having a Depop bot can help you do that.

However, if you are not clear yet whether you want to do this for a long time or if you are just testing the waters, then I suggest that you don’t get a paid service yet.

Again, as I have mentioned above, there are free trials that you can take advantage of until you arrive at a decision on whether you want to pursue your online selling career.

Read Online Reviews and Test Depop Bots

Before you pay for a Depop bot, I highly suggest that you also read online reviews and test the Depop bot.

Almost all Depop bots have free trial versions and even the one with the shortest free-trial option (3 days) can give you enough time to test its functionalities.

Even though most Depop bots practically do the same thing, some of them have other special functionalities and their intuitiveness also varies. So be sure to tests them all before you decide.

Depop Online Seller

Final Thoughts

Depop bot is an amazing tool to have especially if you’re a professional online seller. It can save you A LOT of time and money and at the same time, it can help you grow your business.

Once you have decided to get a Depop bot, just remember one thing, use it carefully, and do not be tempted to send thousands of messages at once.

If you use it with great care, then you’ll be able to maximize its great potential and it’ll be able to help you grow your business in no time.

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