Review of the Best Poshmark Sharing Bots

If you’re evaluating which Poshmark bot to use, it can be a difficult process finding the best tool for you. There are several existing options of widely varying quality. It is difficult to tell from the tools’ websites which one is best.

I wrote this guide to help resellers determine which Poshmark tool is best for them. I tried all of the top-rated and most popular Poshmark bots, spending dozens of hours using all of their features, and testing their effectiveness at driving sales to my Poshmark closet. I encountered a wide range of quality - there are some products that are highly reliable, and some that do not work at all.

Ultimately, I hope to save you some time in testing out all of the options. If you interested in learning why you might want to use a sharing tool for Poshmark, we explored this in our Poshmark bot guide. If you already know you want to try a bot to increase your sales, then this article has my product recommendations.

What is the best Poshmark bot?

My top recommendation for the best Poshmark bot is our own product ClosetPilot. Out of all the options, ClosetPilot was the easiest product to use, it was reasonably priced compared to the competition (at $29.99 per month), and using it led to the most sales.

In addition to ClosetPilot, the other alternatives I tested were Poshmark Pro Tools, Closet Betty, and Simple Posher. These are the five most commonly used products available, and they range widely in quality.


The best value in Poshmark automation software, ClosetPilot is the only bot we tried that did not run into issues like Closet Betty or Simple Posher. This is also the only software with a free forever package, with the full package only costing $29.99 per month. All features functioned properly, with helpful pop-up windows to show you they worked. Like Closet Betty and Simple Posher, ClosetPilot is a Chrome extension that works on all computers and operating systems. Instructions are easy to understand, and it is simple to download and begin using. The functions have various speeds and an automatic captcha solver. Another great function is the software sets an optimal share limit of 4000 (which can be customized), so you aren’t shadowbanned by Poshmark, and built-in delays help the actions seem more human-like. Because this is the only software we tested that had full-functioning features, we recommend this software for Posh beginners and veterans alike. If you are looking to get more sales on Poshmark, this is our top pick.

Closet Betty

Another inexpensive Posh bot Chrome extension, Closet Betty also has a simple to use interface without overwhelming with tons of features. However, the most important features, such as sharing items, run into too many glitches to work correctly, and the instructions do not offer troubleshooting solutions, so we do not recommend this bot. It costs $30 per month. You can get more value and better performance elsewhere.

Poshmark Pro Tools

Pro Tools is the most expensive package in the four bots we tested. Pro Tools has all the best Poshmark bot features such as auto shares, follows, edit-shares, and the ability to backup your entire closet. But while Pro Tools has many features not included in other Posh bots, many of the features were too confusing to figure out due to the poorly written instructions, or they did not work at all, so your money and time are better spent elsewhere. Another downside is Pro Tools is only available as a Windows application.

Simple Posher

Simple Posher is a Google extension, making it compatible with all computers and operating systems, unlike Pro Tools. Features are simple, without being overwhelming. The Item Sharer feature was the only function that worked without incident. Despite the cost, ease of use and clean interface, most of the functions did not work at all or are blocked by Poshmark, making Simple Posher one of the worst bots we tried in terms of functionality and usability.

Final Thoughts

Choosing Poshmark automation software can be a daunting task, with so many options on the market. However, most of the bots we reviewed did not deliver as promised, making ClosetPilot the only bot we recommend. With a free forever package, low monthly rates, and fully working features, ClosetPilot is the clear choice to help build your Poshmark business.

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