Frequently Asked Questions

See our pricing page for all relevant pricing information.
Click on the “End subscription” button in the rightmost tab (👩‍✈️) in the ClosetPilot widget. Simply uninstalling the Chrome Extension does not unsubscribe you.
If you believe you were billed incorrectly or there was some other mistake with your billing, please email me at I am happy to refund any billing mistakes.

By default, ClosetPilot shares all the items that have loaded on the page and Poshmark loads 48 items per page. If you always want to load all of the items in your closet, check the box in settings for “Always auto-load items in closets” then refresh the page.

You can read more about this in our documentation.

There is no maximum for the number of shares per day when you’re paying (or in your free trial). The reason why you’re seeing the 4000 share number is because we have a “share limit” feature where you can set your own limit for how much you want to share per day (or you can remove that limit altogether). This feature can help prevent you from sharing too much accidentally.

I recommend starting slow with sharing (with 1-2k shares spread throughout the day), then building up to 3-4k per day. I wouldn’t recommend doing more than that, since past 4k shares per day it gets much more likely for Poshmark to throttle your account’s sharing ability.

You can read more about this in our documentation.