Why NOT to use the 30 Minute Method on Poshmark

The 30 Minute Method (30mm) is a system developed by Lyn Cromar in early 2017. It was meant to increase sales and followers on Poshmark. Lyn developed this system through trial and error and an analysis of what worked for her closet. The 30mm is still used by many as their daily 30 minute Poshmark routine.

Here is a summary of the routine:

  • Share 30 items from your closet
  • Share 30 items from the feed
  • Follow Posh Ambassadors
  • List / Relist 3 new items
  • Share 10 new Poshers
  • Share back any activity

It’s been nearly three years since the 30mm was developed, is it still the best way to grow your Poshmark business?

Poshmark sellers

Sharing your Whole Closet is Better

The principles behind the 30 Minute Method are sound. Increasing your activity and engagement with the Poshmark platform will increase your exposure in people’s feeds, and will lead to increased sales.

The problem with the method is if you limit your activity to just 30 item shares per day, you will always lose out to those who share their entire closet.

Why is it important to share your entire closet? The Poshmark algorithm is simple. When you share an item, the item will show up on top of the Feed for all of your followers.

There is no reason to limit your shares to 30 items per day. Doing so will make you miss out on a ton of engagement and sales. A better rule of thumb is to share your entire closet 3-4 times per day.

At Poshfest, Poshmark co-founder Tracy Sun said:

“Sharing is a huge part of many of our algorithms. This is a really important underpinning of how to be a successful seller on Poshmark. In any social network, you have to engage with the community and stay active.”

The more sharing the better (up to a limit, although that limit is in the several thousand per day range).

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The only bottleneck here is time. The 30 Minute Method was developed so that the average Posher could complete the entire task in 30 minutes of work. If you have hundreds or thousands of items in your closet, sharing your entire inventory multiple times daily can be incredibly daunting.

This is where ClosetPilot comes in. It is a top rated Poshmark bot that can perform these rote tasks for you completely automatically.

Share your Closet Faster on Poshmark

If you try to share your entire closet manually 3-4 times per day, it will likely take hours per day. This not a sustainable amount of time to be sharing on Poshmark for the majority of sellers.

ClosetPilot is a tool that can do the work of sharing on Poshmark for you. When you install the tool in your browser, it will let you share your entire closet in one tap.

In addition, the product can also:

  • Share your inventory to current Posh Parties
  • Share other users’ items in Posh Parties
  • Auto follow and unfollow other people
  • A ton more

I recommend checking out the product. It will make your life easier and will grow your business and help you succeed on Poshmark.

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